My Games

Here is where I put games I have made.

Flightless Dragons

The flightless dragons need your help! Remove blocks and get them into the gems with less clicks as possible. Also don't forget to bring the essential guide to flightless elements: fire burn nature, nature absorb water, water put off fire!

Zombies Must Die!

Simple physic game about blowing out dancing zombies with cannonballs, halloween pumpkins, or even flying turkeys. Just don't kill the granma, she is too settled playing games to migrate to the other city.

Eternal Elements

Explore the magical cavern and uncover the secrets of elemental orbs and your own past. A kind of room escape game

Haunted Mirror Maze

Haunted Mirror Maze is out! Here is a game that have been ported several time from pen-paper to pdf, java, and iphone.Meet friendly zombies, vampires, and ghosts. Solve puzzles while you're entertained by their quirky animations and dialogues.

Teleporter Escape

Two games released in a week! Teleporter Escape is out! Get your escape skill ready on this short room escape game ;) .

Tealygochi is live!

TealyGochi is out! I can't express how happy I am. This is one game that I actually having fun playing it over and over regardless I know my animating skill is lacking, neither the game rich in content.

Find Tealy 2!

Winter days on Amethyst Orchard, the tealies (teal dragons) are missing again! This time it seems that something evil is happening and it is up to you to save the tealies. Please sit down, take your tea, and let the tealies entertain you with theirs quirky attitudes.


In Hotel Catastrophe, you find yourself trapped inside a hotel that just got hit by an earthquake. The goal is to find your family and get out of the hotel as fast as possible. Escape various challenges and overcome objects by combining creativity and memory.


Ten Tealy wants to play with you and Theirs favorite game is hide and seek. Explore the fantasy world of 'Amethyst Orchard' and met it creatures and bizarre stuffs while trying to discover these Tealy.

Imagination Escape

You are locked in the attic and what can help you is your imagination and wits. Manage your way solving puzzles and create your own fantastic scenes to get out the attic on this short adventure/escape game!

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