About AO

Hi there!

I am Rosiana Dharmadi aka RoseDragon, welcome to Amethyst Orchard, where I showcase my works!

About Myself
I am a self-taught artist, writer, and game designer. At the moment, my projects involve making flash games. My wish is, I could make a living through what I create and those I create give inspirations to a lot of people-- it doesn't matter what media I use.

Since any memory I can remember, I'm a girl that life inside fantasy. Imagination is my wings and when I left it behind, I always start to falling down. Years passed, not everything goes well, but it is this wings that makes me keep trying and wandering to infinite possibilities.

I'm quiet strange person, misfit you could say. I'm occasionally throw up random words and most time I don't want to be disturbed. Getting my inspirations into reality for me is more important than interacting with other people, whoever they are. I'm also easily bored with normal chit chat. This is what I am, I won't apologize for my 'harsh behavior'.

Contact: arutema (at) gmail.com

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