Games for Your Site

Here you can download my games and host it on your site for free. The zip packages include all needed resources such as screenshots and thumbnails. Just please don't modify or alter the games in any way or restricting features (including links) inside them.

flightlessdragons.zip2.04 MB
zombiesmustdie.zip3.09 MB
eternal elements.zip1.9 MB
hauntedmirrormaze.zip1.04 MB
teleporterescape.zip2.11 MB
tealygochi.zip1.69 MB
findtealy2.zip1.88 MB
hotel-catastrophe.zip2.19 MB
findtealy.zip1.6 MB
desertseed.zip1.08 MB
imaginationescape.zip2.12 MB
blackbox.zip1.2 MB
hatchlings.zip5.04 MB

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