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12 jobs in video gaming world

Sometime ago, I wrote this on my facebook note and local game dev. It is about 12 jobs branch (including game development)that is about games. I just got it featured on local media so I think you should check it! :D

EnervonC Soccer Animation

Here is an animation that I do for Enervon-C Soccer project.

Friskies Animations

Here is a sample of cat animation I made in flash for friskies project.

Flightless Dragons

The flightless dragons need your help! Remove blocks and get them into the gems with less clicks as possible. Also don't forget to bring the essential guide to flightless elements: fire burn nature, nature absorb water, water put off fire!

Zombies Must Die!

Simple physic game about blowing out dancing zombies with cannonballs, halloween pumpkins, or even flying turkeys. Just don't kill the granma, she is too settled playing games to migrate to the other city.

Eternal Elements

Explore the magical cavern and uncover the secrets of elemental orbs and your own past. A kind of room escape game

sandbox2d game is up!

Our sandbox game sandbox2d is up for casual gameplay design competition! CLICK HERE to play and don't forget to vote for us!

my work place

my work place

Yes, it is a dragon lair!

tealy plushies prototype is done!

(update) One of factories I contacted have made the prototype of tealy plushie. I have recieved the samples and now it just need to be mass produced. It is a small flanel plushie, 10x10cm, sort of keychains and such.

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