My Fav Games

Here where I put games I like. This might the only place you see works that not belongs to me.


The second ice age came and nothing survive, except a naked guy and his bicycle. Join his bizarre adventure on solving the mystery of frozen bubbles and finding the other guy that survive the apocalypse!


From Amanita Design, creator of the famously brilliant Samorost series, comes Machinarium, a game so well-conceived and implemented it can confidently launch as one of the best point-and-click adventures of all time. Machinarium is nothing short of a playable piece of art.

GE.NE.SIS strategy rpg

Here is an awesome strategy-rpg game about teens that fall into another dimension, bizarre one. The graphics are above par of most flash games, so do the world and gameplay.


picma - an epic picross game

Picma is a picrozzle with twist of colors. This brainy game prove to be addictive and moonberry studios even give you opportunity to make and show to friends your own puzzles!

Ancient Powers

A match three with a lot of twist. In ancient powers, elemental blocks came from the ground, waiting you to match them and cast powerful spells with the element combinations. The spells vary from destructive fireballs that destroy the blocks or some spells that make the game getting more difficult. Nevertheless, this is a nice casual game.


A classic game, yet a nice one. Here is a puzzle where you control meeblings, creature that have one basic ability on each of them, or none at all. It quiet remind of lemmings though meeblings stand still hopelessly waiting your orders.


Here is a word game with very nice atmosphere. Listen to the sound of waves, birds, and the whales while you capture words for your whales. The whales shot stars too! The gameplay itself feels unique although it might way to fast if you just want a relaxing game.

Mushroom Madness

Here is a casual game you MUST play! Protect your mushrooms and beat those pesky invaders... well first you use fly swatter against hedgehog... then against bear... O_O or use land bombs against birds.... wow.. Well it is bizzare but fun to play. More over, you will get a bunch of nice mini games along the way and so you will keep wanting this game more!


Here is a platform adventure with very deep levels of exploration. Proo has land crashed her craft to this strange place. She lost her craft and physical abilities. She can only learn how to do things by looking at something interesting, and finding a role model of how to achieve it. The game is wonderful despite it might too hard for non-platformer.


Somehow, you need to run. Perhaps those gigantic robots are trying to crush you or world just.. collapsing. Whatever it is.. you need to RUN!

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