The Only Thing Remains

Where the control of soul..
if no soul left?
When my steps lead to destruction
the dragon spirit came
bite my leg until I turn back

Dunia Karya Tulis (In Indonesian Language)

Aku tersesat, tersesat...
Tersesat di hutan titik koma
Aku hanyut, hanyut...
Hanyut dalam lautan kata

Tenggelam (In Indonesian Language)

Ketika semua terasa gelap
Dan akal terasa buntu
Aku berlari bersembunyi
Ke dalam dekapan hangat imajinasi


Time spins for the livings
Arrange the cubes of history
Forgotten past or mysterious future
All arranged together


I want to praise God
For the rain that caressed my skin
For the warm food I enjoyed
But... is God worth to get it?

I am God

People are crying, pleaing, demanding,
Please God, kill our enemies,
Please God, take care them for us,
As they are not as worth as us


I always knew, what was right
As the sense told me
If something going to be wrong
I just didn't know should I

Charm Control

He tells you when and why,
He tells you wherefore--
What to do and how it's done
And how to be for him

My Fear

Fear inside me
Not about violance or death
Fear of being ignored
Fear of being lefted
By my friends

Despair, brother, despair

I believe in friendship, whereever they are
Which shape and strengthen me
I believe in dreams, whatever they are
Catalyst to success and hope replenisher

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