Nice quotes from Magic The Gathering

- Friends teach what you want to know, enemies teach what you need to know.

- The only thing that flows faster than water is fear.

- Keep watching only for the giants and you'll be eaten by the ants.

- Getting in was easy part. Get out proved more difficult.

- Wear courage as your armor, wield honor as your blade.

- Madness and genius are separated only by a degree of success. --Einstein

- The end of one life is merely the beginning of thousands more.

- Anything sent into plagued world is bound to come back infected.

Parables of Zen

- Life is more worthy than moneys, not matter how much is the money.

- Is not good to have too much of a good thing.

- The wise are eager to learn from other’s experiences, whoever they are.

- Humans like to show someone’s stupidity but can’t see his/her own weakness.

- Don’t waste your health for your career.

- Excessive praise brings someone to nowhere.

- There is no shortcut to succeed.

- You can’t solve a problem without knowing the source.

Miscellaneous Quotes Collection

- When we take decision to decide fate, fate at last come.

- Emotion itself isn't endangering us. However, thinking about emotion will endanger us if not disciplined. Training can control our mind, mind control our emotions.

- When facing a problem, find a way, but not escape way.

- Nothing can stop a right person from reaching his/her dreams, and nothing can help someone that act wrong.

- Ships in the dock are safe, but that's not the reason people make a ship.

- Not about how long you have been there, but how you spend in there.

- Moneys without honor are a disease.

RoseDragon's Quotes

- Humans are the worst liars. They lie to themselves to avoid guilty feelings and weakness. They lie in socializations just because the fear of being alone. Then, the mask only will torture them with distrust of real friendship.

- This world is a stage where all only acting, where all deny their heart.

- Where is the truth? Could you prove your faith? Could you explain why we should exist? Could you explain which is true which is not? Or nothing is true?

Friendship, Happiness, and Luv Quotes Collection

- When friendship is deeply rooted, it can't even be uprooted by storms.

-Most precious things in the world is unseen.

- To live this life we need a heartbeat. To have a heartbeat we need a heart. To have a heart we need happiness. To have happiness we need love.

- To love is nothing. To be loved is something. To be loved by the one you love is everything.

- True love doesn't have a happy ending... That's because true love doesn't have an ending.

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