Learning Construct 2, book to learn and try game development

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Most IT-oriented tutorial books only tell you how to use the software, what are the usage of the buttons, or how to make some special effects, and things like that. This one is NOT. 

Point And Click Game Tutorial (Flash AS3.0)

Point and Click Game probably the simplest but quiet powerful game that can be made using Flash. While it use simple codes, quality of gameplay inside a point and click game depends on the game developer's creativity. Some point and click games focus on puzzles, some on 'pixel searching', some on weird 'get items to make things', some on graphical art, and some others on storyline. This is tutorial about how to make one using Adobe Flash CS (Action Script 3.0) with example FLA file included.

Game Development 2 : Variety of Specialization

Following the development of game which became more complicated, a high-quality game can't be done by one person anymore. More features added in game, especially in graphics, more employer with certain specializations needed.

Malware Booming 2008 - Now From China

asprox spreading

While at last year malware came mostly from Rusia, this year most malware hosted on Chinese websites. Probably this because China's economy getting a lot better this year which increase computer owners. And now, not only untrusted sites that can give danger to your computer, but also trusted ones.

Game Development 1 : Game Making Process

Right now game had become one of primary entertainment, especially for young generation. But how the process of game making, rarely mentioned. At this moment, Amethyst Orchard would explain about how a game made, which we will start with definition of publisher and developer.

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